Kingston Service Portal Designer - The widgets order is not saved and revert back to the original when the page is refreshed.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. In an early Kingston instance, open Service Portal Configuration > Designer.
  2. Create a new page or open any existing page.
  3. Add a container (6, 6)
  4. In the left column, add Icon Link widget and give it a title of Icon 1.
  5. In the same container, add another Icon Link widget right below it and give it the title Icon 2.
  6. Repeat the same and add a third Icon Link with title Icon 3.
    >>> Refer to screenshot for reference.
  7. Now try changing the position in any other order, for example move them around in any other order.
    Icon 3 Icon 2
    Icon 1 or Icon 3
    Icon 2 Icon 1
  8. Now refresh the page, you will see that they go back to its original position:
    Icon 1
    Icon 2
    Icon 3

    Observe the widget positions are not being saved, and revert back to the original when you refresh the page.
    This was a regression from Jakarta.


This problem is fixed in Kingston Patch 3. If a temporary workaround is required, follow these steps:

1. Open the page where you have the widget ordering problem.

2. Click on the column affected. 
3. Edit the instance of the widget. 
4. Change the order number to the desired value. 

Related Problem: PRB1243915

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 3
Kingston Patch 4

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