Some IdPs only support HTTP-POST SAML login requests. Currently ServiceNow does not offer any available settings for the SAML login request to use HTTP-POST.


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Some Identity Providers require an HTTP-POST login request. The baseline version of the Multi_provider SSO plugin does not support HTTP-POST.



This issue has been identified as a product product enhancement and is under consideration.

The workaround below is the Installation Exit script code that has been approved by SN development to address the HTTP-POST login request issue. It was based on the latest Helsinki code base, and might need to be adapted to later releases.

The implementation should always be tested on a sub-production instance prior to move this change to production.


  1. Add the following methods in SAML2_update1 script include - Insert the following code after the "getSAMLAssertion" method:

    // START - Workaround for problem PRB656080
    getAuthnRequestFormString : function(isTestConn) {
    var AuthnRequestMarshaller = Packages.org.opensaml.saml2.core.impl.AuthnRequestMarshaller;
    var samlOptions = null;
    if (isTestConn) {
    samlOptions = {
    forceAuthn: true
    var authnRequest = this.createAuthnRequestWithOptions(samlOptions);
    var signAuthn = this.ssoHelper.getProperty("glide.authenticate.sso.saml2.require_signed_authnrequest", "require_signed_authnrequest", false);
    if(this.isTrue(signAuthn)) {
    var arm = new AuthnRequestMarshaller();
    var elem = arm.marshall(authnRequest);
    return SAML2_update1.getEncodedSAMLRequest(elem, false, false);
    generateAuthnRequestForm: function(request,isTestConn) {
    try {
    var idpAuthnURL = this.ssoHelper.getProperty("glide.authenticate.sso.saml2.idp_authnrequest_url", "idp_authnrequest_url");
    var authReqStr = this.getAuthnRequestFormString(isTestConn);
    var origRelayState = this.generateRelayState(request, isTestConn);
    // always use serviceUrl as relayState, it will lookup the real relayState using "SAML_RelayState" as the key.
    // failed login does not respond a relayState, so we must put the states into session for test corrections. 
    if (isTestConn) 
    request.getSession().setAttribute("Test_SAML_RelayState", origRelayState);
    request.getSession().setAttribute("SAML_RelayState", origRelayState);
    var formStr = this.createSAMLRequestPostForm(idpAuthnURL, authReqStr, origRelayState);
    var httpSession = request.getSession();
    httpSession.setAttribute("glide.saml2.session_request_id", this.getLastGeneratedRequestID());
    //Add this request id to request id array in the session
    var requestIDArr = httpSession.getAttribute("glide.saml2.session_request_id_arr");
    requestIDArr = [];
    httpSession.setAttribute("glide.saml2.session_request_id_arr", requestIDArr);
    return formStr;
    } catch (e) {
    if (e instanceof Packages.java.lang.Throwable){
    var stackTrace = GlideLog.getStackTrace(e);
    this.logError(e.name + ": " + e.message);
    return null;
    // END - Workaround 1 for problem PRB656080

  2. Modify the script include MultiSSO_SAML2_Update1.

    Old Code:

    // code that uses http redirect binding -- old code
    var redirectURL = this.SAML2.generateAuthnRequestRedirectURL(request, false);
    if (GlideStringUtil.nil(redirectURL))
    return "failed_missing_requirement";

    New Code:
    // START - Workaround for problem PRB656080 
    // Refresh login request
    if(!samlResponseObject && !relayState) {
    // code that uses http post binding -- new code starts
    this.ssoHelper.debug("Logging in saml using HTTP POST");
    var formStr = this.SAML2.generateAuthnRequestForm(request, false);
    var redirectURL = "true"; // trick so it does not fail
    // new code ends
    // code that uses http redirect binding -- old code
    var redirectURL = this.SAML2.generateAuthnRequestRedirectURL(request, false);
    if (GlideStringUtil.nil(redirectURL))
    return "failed_missing_requirement";
    SNC.SecurityEventSender.sendSAMLRedirectSentEventData("", "multisso=true,idpsysid=" + this.propertiesGR.getUniqueValue());
    return redirectURL;
    // END - Workaround 2 for problem PRB656080

Related Problem: PRB656080

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