Why Change Requests created from the Visual Task Board pick inactive change types


We recently observed a scenario where certain change types were set to inactive=true in the [sys_choice] table, but were still picked up when creating changes from the VTB.



The system was picking a specific change type, which had previously been deactivated, due to an obsolete default value. The [change_request].[type] dictionary entry was still set with that specific default value. Dictionary default values are prefixed and ignore the entries actually present, active or inactive, within the system choices table. Hence the system was in this case forwarding change requests with an inactive change type. 

You can observe the inconsistent settings in the screenshots below:

Sys_choice entry set to inactive

Dictionary entry set to have default choice value which is inactive

Change Request created from VTB picks up inactive choice value in Type field



Open the [change_request].[type] dictionary entry and update the default value to a valid active [sys_choice] value.

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Last Updated:2018-01-11 06:36:49