How to troubleshoot homepages not loading in Mobile UI ($

The objective of this article is to help troubleshooting home pages on the mobile UI.



  • Access the instance from mobile browser
  • https://<instance-name>$
  • The home page keeps loading indefinitely...
  • Access the instance from the standard desktop UI 
  • https://<instance-name>
  • The home page loads properly.



In such a scenario, navigating to /$ you might observe the following JavaScript error in the bowser console:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'hide_favorites_page' of undefined 
at y (js_includes_snm.jsx?v=09-05-2017_1648&lp=Thu_Dec_28_17_54_22_PST_2017&c=22_282:10) 
at Object.v [as getHomepageData] (js_includes_snm.jsx?v=09-05-2017_1648&lp=Thu_Dec_28_17_54_22_PST_2017&c=22_282:10) 
at js_includes_snm.jsx?v=09-05-2017_1648&lp=Thu_Dec_28_17_54_22_PST_2017&c=22_282:10 
at <anonymous> 



The error occurs because records in the [sys_ui_mobile_home_page_module] associated modules are either not present, or set as inactive in the mobile modules list.

For example: "Share Location", "Favorite KPIs", and "Connect Chat".


For the Home page to load properly in the Mobile browser, [sys_ui_mobile_home_page_module] records should have mobile modules associated with them. These should be active in the Mobile modules as well.


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