Express instances have several additional security constraints limiting the operations of an administrator. Homepages can not be easily deleted by administrators as in Enterprise instances. Users are allowed to delete only their own homepages which are not associated to any existing view. 


How can Home Pages which are no longer required be deleted in Express?

Please follow the steps below:
1 - Login as System Administrator 
2 - Open a list of homepages present in the instance.
3 - Identify and open the particular homepage you want to delete. Notice the operation is not reversible.
4 - Change the User field (not the created by) to System Administrator.
5 - Change the View field to blank.
6 - Update the record.
7 - Delete the record.
If steps 4-5 are not completed first, the delete operation will be aborted with a message on the form stating the page may not be deleted. The message "homepage may not be deleted" is generated from a system business rule that triggers before delete on the condition "!current.view.nil()". 

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Last Updated:2018-01-26 13:11:27