When using a tablet device in UI16, using slushbuckets, or list collectors, is a very poor user experience. The Available and Selected, left and right, boxes show 0 items until they are clicked, which then shows the items that exist in the list. The 0 items text appears to be detailing the number of actively selected items in the lists as opposed to the number of items that currently exist in the list.

Steps to Reproduce


Use a tablet device, or appropriate simulator, this issue does not reproduce in a desktop browser by default:

  1. Navigate to a record that has an editable related list with records in it. For example, PRB0000011
  2. Scroll to the incidents related list. Note the number of incidents in the list.
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. In the resulting list collector, note that the Available (left) and Selected (right) boxes both appear grey and with 0 items displayed on them.
  5. Click the box on the right, you see the actual list of items in the list collector.
  6. Click outside of the list to close it.
  7. Click the box on the left and select a couple of items.
  8. Click outside of the list to close it. Note that the count on the box reflects the number of items you selected.


Click the box. Once the box is clicked, a list of available items for the left box and already selected items for the right box are displayed. In each of those lists, multiple items can be selected and them moved back and forth as normal using the arrow buttons.

Related Problem: PRB709851

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 3

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