Changing the number prefix in a task table in Jakarta will cause exact match search to fail for older records that were already stored in the searched table.


Steps to Reproduce

The same steps listed below produce different results and behaviour in Jakarta or in Istanbul instances.

1. Go to an Incident list and pick any existing incident.
2. Go to the Global Search and search this selected incident.
3. You will see an exact match is returned.
4. Go to the [sys_number] table and change the prefix from INC to INT or some other prefix.
5. Create a new incident. It will be created by this new prefix.
6. Search for the same incident which was picked in step 1. Notice that the exact search does not work anymore.
7. Search for the incident created in step 5. Notice that an exact match is returned.


This problem is under investigation.

The workaround consists in reverting to the legacy global search UI, via the glide.ui.use_legacy_global_search System Property.

Ref. Revert to the legacy global search UI


Related Problem: PRB1246094

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