Service Portal: Nested categories are not accessible by clicking the folder icon in the category widget

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create the following data setup:

    Category 1: [parent : can we help you?; name : category1; items : sample item1, sample item2; state : active1; Catalog: Service Catalog]
    Category 2: [parent : Category1; name : category2; items : no items in this category; Catalog: Service Catalog]
    Category 3: [parent : Category2; name : category3; items : sample item3 with state active; sample item3 with state not active; Catalog: Service

  2. Launch the instance in Service Portal.

  3. Click the Service Catalog link.

  4. On the Service Catalog default page, go through the categories by clicking the folder icon in the left navigation bar.
    Can we help you ? >>category1 >> category2


  5. Click category3.

    Expected behavior: Clicking category 3 should display the items in category3, keeping the nested folder structure in category widget as it is.

    Actual behavior: The items in category 3 are displayed, but in the category widget, only the first category is shown, and clicking the folder icon to expand the nested categories is not responsive.




Use at least one Catalog Item inside the subcategory so that the counter changes from 0 to another number.

Related Problem: PRB960061

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