New KB Categories created through the category picker by a knowledge administrator do not have a Parent ID set, so they are not listed under the intended Knowledge Base.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login as knowledge_admin
  2. Open any Knowledge article by navigating to Knowledge > All
  3. Click on magnifying glass icon to open the Category picker
  4. Create a new category and confirm 

    Observe the article category is set to the one just created, but is not listed as a category under the associated Knowledge Base.


The issue is due to blocking ACLs on kb_category.parent_id, kb_category.parent_table fields to knowledge_admin role.

The issue is fixed in Jakarta Patch 8 and Kingston Patch 3. If after the required upgrade ACLs are still blocking the create operation into the [kb_category] table, for example when a user with knowledge_manager role is creating a category from the category picker, please verify the following components have not been skipped:
- sys_security_acl_role  - sys_id=4ea4f5a073330300c1ad41244ef6a7d4
- sys_security_acl_role - sys_id=f4a4f5a073330300c1ad41244ef6a7d2
- sys_security_acl - sys_id=ef94730aff4221003f07ffffffffff84
- sys_security_acl - sys_id=78a4730aff4221003f07ffffffffffa2

As a workaround on older instances, please perform the following:

  • Elevate your permission to security admin
  • As a security admin, navigate to System Security > Access Control
  • Open the write operation ACLs for the fields kb_category.parent_id and kb_category.parent_table and for each of these two complete the following:
    1. Change the script from answer = false to answer = true
    2. Change the roles to be admin and knowledge_admin
    3. Save and update the ACL

Related Problem: PRB1243937

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Intended Fix Version


Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 11
Jakarta Patch 8
Kingston Patch 3

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