Within Service Portal, when a catalog item that supports quantities is requested via an order guide, the form does not display the quantity selection box on the form itself as it does normally when accessing the catalog item directly.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Log in to a base system (out of box) instance.
  2. Ensure that the Service Portal Plugin is activated.
  3. In the browser window address bar, add the following suffix to your instance address:
    For example, https://<yourinstancename>.service-now.com/com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_guide_view.do?v=1&sysparm_initial=true&sysparm_guide=25110912372211003e7d40ed9dbe5dd6
  4. In Are you developing for Android or IOS?, select Android.
  5. Click Chose Options.
  6. Click Checkout.
    Note that each item has the Delete and Edit buttons available on the Checkout page.
  7. In the browser window address bar, add the following suffix to your instance address: 
    For example, https://<yourinstancename>.service-now.com/sp?id=sc_cat_item_guide&sys_id=25110912372211003e7d40ed9dbe5dd6.
  8. Search for Request Developer Project Equipment.
  9. Note that there is no option for the user to edit the quantities before submitting the order.


This issue has been fixed in the Kingston release. To resolve this issue, upgrade to Kingston.

Related Problem: PRB1238603

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