When using List v2 column search and looking for a value that contains an '&' character, the expected results are retrieved, but if then trying to use the show matching or filter out options to further refine the output, no results will be displayed.


Steps to Reproduce

1) Make sure List v2 is active and not List v3 (the glide.ui.list_v3.enable property should be false if the List v3 plugin is already enabled).

2) Go to an incident list.

3) Update the short description of an incident so that it starts with "AT&T".

4) Use the column search on short description to search for "AT&T". Note that the record updated in step 3 is returned as expected.

5) Right click the state colunn value for the returned record, and select "show matching". Note that no results are now returned.


Use the filter builder instead of the column search.


Related Problem: PRB1096533

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