Selecting a Date from Date Picker in List v3 gives incorrect dates in different Time Zones. This works fine instead using the List v2, or editing the date from inside the form.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Login any Instance with List v3 plugin active.
2. Set the user session time zone to Europe/Dublin.
3. Create a field on the incident form of type Date ( Not Date/Time ).
4. Select a value in this field and save the incident form.
5. Go to problem and under the related list of problem attach this incident.
6. Personalize the related list (make sure it is V3) to display this newly created field.
7. Edit the date values for example to 26 April 2018.
8. Notice that in the Summer time from last Sunday of March till Last Sunday of October the date is not in sync with what chosen.
9. The issue is happening in Time Zones which are UTC+0.


This issue will not be addressed in List v3, due to the fact that the List v3 plugin will be replaced with an improved solution. As a workaround, use List V2, where this issue does not occur.
During this time, we will only address critical outages and security related defects with list v3, so to continue moving forward with our new list component, that will debut in limited form in Agent Workspace as part of the London Release. If you have a business need that has a dependency on List v3 that you feel cannot be solved with List v2, please provide your business impact information so that we can advocate on your behalf to identify a workaround or solution that meets your specific needs.

Related Problem: PRB1245257

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