The Idle Countdown doesn't appear to be working correctly. The customer never gets timeout behavior even after several minutes of inactivity. The Connect Support system properties and are not working correctly.

Steps to Reproduce


  • Use two browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.
  • Set the Connect Support properties and

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Firefox, impersonate an end user, such as Abel Tuter.
  2. In Chrome, impersonate a chat agent, such as David Loo.
  3. Initiate a chat for the end user by entering any queue (e.g., HR Support: $
  4. As David Loo, respond to the chat after accepting it into your queue.
Expected behavior: After 20 seconds of inactivity, the end user should see a timer for a timeout alert. After an additional 10 seconds, the user should be removed from the chat session. The agent should get a message that the user has left the chat session.
Actual behavior: After several minutes of inactivity, nothing happens on the end user side.


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Related Problem: PRB733150

Seen In

Eureka Patch 2
Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 3
Helsinki Patch 3 Hot Fix 4
Helsinki Patch 5

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 5

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