After activating the UI16 plugin on an on-premise instance, multiple UI related issues were reported.

  • UI 16 add to Favorites does not work after upgrade to Istanbul Patch 9
  • Basic configuration UI16 properties can't be opened in UI16 but when you switch to UI15 it works. 
  • After upgrading an on-premise instance to the UI16 plugin, it is not possible to Impersonate users.
  • Elevate Roles does not work in UI16, showing the error: "GET method not supported for API".


The UI16 interface provides an updated look and usability improvements. Notable features include real-time form updates, user presence, a redesigned application navigator with tabs for favourites and history, and enhanced activity streams should work as designed.

UI16 is the default user interface for new instances. Administrators must activate the UI16 after a UI15 instance upgrade, to be able to use the new functionalities.


Steps to Reproduce

  • Log in to an on-premise instance that has relative URL links defined.
  • In navigator menu, click on the "star" on any modules to add to favorites. Notice that favorites are not saved.
  • Click on the drop down icon available under the user name and select Elevate Roles. it does not work.
  • When clicking on the 'Basic Configuration UI16' link, it does not work. 

The errors below are traced in the instance log:

017-11-03 06:30:21 (920) Default-thread-60 CD0FD100EB524300EB7660F75831DF4D *** Start #78,587, path: /favicon_lf.icox, user: B928ZM 
2017-11-03 06:30:21 (921) Default-thread-60 CD0FD100EB524300EB7660F75831DF4D WARNING *** WARNING *** Form not found: favicon_lf.icox, refers to: null
2017-11-03 06:30:21 (949) Default-thread-60 CD0FD100EB524300EB7660F75831DF4D [0:00:00.026] getRealForm
2017-11-03 06:30:21 (959) Default-thread-60 CD0FD100EB524300EB7660F75831DF4D *** End #78,587, path: /favicon_lf.icox, user: B928ZM, total transaction time: 0:00:02.310, transaction processing time: 0:00:00.048, network: 0:00:00.000,


2017-11-03 07:13:58 (484) http-36 New transaction CD0FD100EB524300EB7660F75831DF4D #79187 /api/now/ui/favorite/module 
2017-11-03 07:13:58 (485) Default-thread-57 SYSTEM DEBUG: #79187 [REST API] RESTAPIProcessor : Started initializing REST Request
2017-11-03 07:13:58 (485) Default-thread-57 SYSTEM DEBUG: #79187 [REST API] URIHandler : Resolving URI: /now/ui/favorite/module
2017-11-03 07:13:58 (486) Default-thread-57 SYSTEM #79187 [REST API] RESTAPIProcessor : Method not Supported
2017-11-03 07:13:58 (487) Default-thread-57 SYSTEM DEBUG: #79187 [REST API] RESTAPIProcessor : End of Request Processing
2017-11-03 07:13:58 (487) Default-thread-57 SYSTEM DEBUG: #79187 [REST API] RESTAPIProcessor : REST Request Processing time total_time_to_now_micro_secs=1469




This is expected behaviour, caused by hardcoded references to the /api/ endpoint. URL redirection (relative links) set at the web server level has broken the the way UI16 handles these links. When using URL redirection, and after activating UI16, it is breaking the relative links. These are REST endpoints and still using the base server path and causing other 404's errors. 


As a workaround, customers using On-Premise instance experiencing these issues, should manually fix the redirection URL links.


Related Problem: PRB725485

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Fuji Patch 13 Hot Fix 2
Helsinki Patch 6 Hot Fix 1

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