Azure VM provision fails with error 'Please input value for field(s) -ImageUser'


When attempting to provision a Virtual Machine from Azure, provisioning fails with an error similar to the one below:

Failed to execute API - Failed with status code and message: undefined: Value for mandatory field(s) is not specified. Please input value for field(s) -ImageUser. (script_include:AzureComputeVirtualMachine; line 113)


The credential field for your OS profile image is blank. ConfigureĀ a credential to be used in your image template of your OS Profile:

In this example, the Azure Windows Image Cred has been created. Note when creating the credential, Azure VM password requirements need to be met:

Password requirements as of this writing are that the password must be 12 - 123 characters in length and include three out of the following four complexity requirements:

  • Lowercase characters
  • Uppercase characters
  • Digit
  • Special character (Regex match [\W_])

For More Information

See the Microsoft Azure documentation topic Frequently asked questions about Windows Virtual Machines.

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