On the CIO Dashboard there is a widget for Financial insight into the costs imported from the General Ledger. 

After the Fiscal Periods have been setup, and data from the General Ledger is imported against the child fiscal period, for example FY17 M10 or October, when accessing the Financial widget on the CIO Dashboard, there is no ability to select the parent FY17 year within the dropdown to report progress over the entire financial year. The only options are the child fiscal periods.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Go to Fiscal Calendar -> Generate
2. Set Fiscal Unit to Month
3. Set end year to 2018
4. Generate Calendar
5. Import some values in the general ledger staged data
6. Go through cleansing, bucketing, allocation
7. Open CIO Dashboard, year is not an option to select, only month and quarter.


This is expected behaviour, CIO board is deprecated since Jakarta, and the code is designed to show only the immediate parent in the Fiscal drop-list.

Since we set month in this case, we will see only its immediate parent - quarters. 

As a workaround to add Year to the drop list, please refer to the following code placed in the Script Include:



var year = gr.fiscal_year;
if(!contains(rows, year.toString())) {
  var yRow = {}; = year.getDisplayValue();
  yRow.value = year.toString();
  yRow.type = year.fiscal_type;
  yRow.startdate = year.start_date_time;
  yRow.enddate = year.end_date_time;

The code should be placed between line 160 and 161. As this may vary in other instances, the modified script include file is attached.


Related Problem: PRB1240540

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