When Web Service Import set API is used to insert and update records into a table, by default it uses fast lock. On certain cases, when multiple synchronous calls are made on the same table, this could lead to deadlock as the table is fast locked.

The logs show some errors similar to the following:

2017-12-15 05:30:27 (251) SOAP-thread-2 xxx9B21DB8F47C06536770C8C9619C9 WARNING *** WARNING *** Transaction: Cancelling transaction #13159629 /<source-table>.do (SOAPProcessorThread0a0fd3eddb4f47c06536770c8xxxxx: redirect count exceeded or request did not finish within 175 seconds - terminating request...): Thread SOAP-thread-2 (null, 310F9B21DB8F47C0653xxxx), after 175141ms

The threads show executing:

--active transactions SQL command -----
 "SELECT GET_LOCK('<instance>.ImportSetTransformer.<source_table>.<target-table>', <timeout>)"
--active transactions SQL command -----

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a synchronous Web Service Import set to incident
  2. Execute multiple updates in parallel on the Web Service against the incident table that take around 40 seconds each.
    • If you are affected by this problem, you will notice the record transformation is hold in pending state
    • Also, reviewing the on the instance, notice FastLock being invoked as per the stack trace :
com.sun.proxy.$Proxy7.execute(Unknown Source)


In order to relieve any locked semaphore threads, a restart is required. 

To avoid the scenario from happening again, please toggle the following properties:

NameValueDescription Set whether to use fast locks for WebService ImportSets
glide.db.import_set_mutex_fast_lockfalse(Default:true) Set whether to use fast locks for all non-WebService ImportSets


Related Problem: PRB1244501

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