Horizontal discoveries based on patterns, and Service Mapping fail to run when the MID Server is using a foreign language such as Japanese. When the MID parameter mid.log.level is debug, the MID Server logs show the following:
2017-12-14 15:07:00: Running local command: sc.exe query "ServiceNow WMI Collector"
2017-12-14 15:07:00: Command response: [SC] EnumQueryServicesStatus:OpenService FAILED 1060:
2017-12-14 15:07:00: Unable to determine WMI service status: exit code 1060

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Install a MID server on a non-English Windows server (for example, Japanese).

  2. Install the MID server.

  3. Try to run horizontal discovery on a Windows computer with MSSQL/IIS/tocal. Make sure that the process classifier is using patterns and not probes.

    It should fail due to the lazy installation. The first installation attempt will always fail.



This problem was fixed in Jakarta Patch 8 and onwards. On earlier releases, please use the following workaround:
  1. Run the following command on the MID Server by using the Command probe (need to change the agent folder):

    sc.exe create   "ServiceNow WMI Collector"  binPath= C:\servicenow\mid\agent\bin\sw_wmi\bin  start=auto

  2. Type 'dir' in the topic field and click Test Probe.

    The resulting input record shows the directory of the MID Server.

  3. Put in the topic the command above that created the service.

    The result should show SUCCESS.


Related Problem: PRB1241455

Seen In


Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 8
Kingston Patch 2

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