Trying to Save or RunList type report on a table that does not have any fields in the trend by drop down list causes errors and prevents the list from saving or running.

When users Ids are moved from "Available" to "Selected" in the list reports, the options "Run" and "Save" do not work.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a new table with no date type columns (like created on, updated on)
  2. Create a report on the new table from Report > Create New
  3. Select the new table and Type List
  4. Click Run or Save

The report freezes and there is an error in the console.


This issue only occurs on the RepBuilder in the Classic UI, where it won't be fixed. Please use the new UI by clicking on the Switch to New UI link in the top right corner. Now create the report and the Save or Run features will work.


Related Problem: PRB1038718

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There is no data to report.

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There is no data to report.

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