Order of variables for the HR Case Readonly Variable Editor is not matching with the order of variables in the Service Portal when records are inserted into a table using Record Producers through the HR Service Portal

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Open HR Service Portal in my OOTB empdhayaistanbul
  2. Search for Employment Verification Letter. This can be any record producer, as an example consider Employment Verification Letter.
  3. Fill in details and submit the record.
  4. Navigate back to instance and navigate to HR cases as below:
    HR Case Management > All HR Cases > Open
  5. Open the related HR case.
  6. Compare the layout of variable editor on form to the record producer layout on the HR Service Portal layout.


The workaround involves using the REST API for Record Producer Items in Catalog Item Widget. 

Provided a UpdateSet as a workaround for this issue. Update set is attached to the PRB.






Related Problem: PRB1238491

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