On task records that use SLA functionality, the OOB UI action Show SLA Timeline, when clicked for records that have large journal fields (like incidents), can cause the application node to run out of memory.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Pick an active incident on a test instance. 
  2. Modify the attached script to use that incident number. 
  3. Run the script in background scripts. It populate work notes and comments with some long text.
  4. Open another tab with pages
  5. Go to that incident and click on Show SLA Timeline. Refresh the page and observe the memory increase.


This problem was fixed in Kingston Patch 4, and was due to the SLA Timeline keeping in memory all the record Display Values for all the updates of a given record, including journal fields. The Display Value of a journal field gets the complete journal field, not only the text written at a particular update, therefore it holds the whole journal field times the number of updates of a record. This might become massive when large journal fields are written in records with many updates, running out of memory.

On older releases, since journal fields are not particularly relevant in the timeline view, the workaround consists of modifying the Script Include 'SLAUtilSNC' [sys_id = 1a9fdd9b9f6322002920bde8132e70e1] used by the timeline view such that it ignores the journal fields when building the record information:

- locate the method:


- inside the method, locate the lines:

     } else
          obj[fieldName].display_value = gr.getDisplayValue(fieldName);

- replace with:

     } else {
         var ed = gr.getElement(fieldName).getED();
         if (! (ed.isJournal() || ed.isJournalList()))
             obj[fieldName].display_value = gr.getDisplayValue(fieldName);


Save the record, keeping in mind any customer update needs to be removed before upgrading, and re-applied afterwards if needed.


Related Problem: PRB1242878

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Kingston Patch 4

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