sp-variable-editor throws errors while using the save button when there are containers into Variables

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login into demonightlyjakarta
  2. Create a Maintain Item Test with three variables in the following order:
    • Container Start
    • Single Line Text
    • Container End
  3. Submit a request for Test through Try It
  4. Open the requested created and then the Requested Item
  5. Copy the sys_id of the requested item
  6. Open the requested item through /sp?id=form&table=sc_req_item&sys_id=SYS_ID where SYS_ID is the sys_id copied before
  7. Change the value of the Single Line Text field to test and save the change through the Save button of the sp-variable-editor widget

    The Single Line Text field doesn't change and errors are thrown as per attached screenshot


  1. Open the sp-variable-editor widget in widget editor. 
  2. Insert the following line in Line 11 of the Server Side code - 
  3. Open sp_ui_formatter.list
  4. Open the record for com_glideapp_servicecatalog_veditor
  5. Change the value in the field Widget to the newly cloned widget. 

Related Problem: PRB1181366

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