Event Management bulk processing changes in Jakarta


In Jakarta, the bulk API was changed to https://<instancename>.service-now.com/api/global/em/jsonv2.

This API is more efficient, and therefore business rules on the Event table (em_event) are not being run. Event Management assumes that there are NO business rules on the Event table. This is a known bad practice and has been known to cause performance issues.

To run business rules on the Event table for various reasons, choose to work with the previous bulk insert. This is not recommended, but it works because the performance of the new API is superior. 

For backward compatibility, the user can configure the MID Server to work with each API. In order to work with the bulk API from Istanbul (http://<instancename>.service-now.com/em_event.do?JSONv2&sysparm_action=insertMultiple).

  1. Navigate to the configuration properties of the mid server MID Server > Servers> Pick a server > Configuration Parameters Tab 
  2. Click New
  3. Choose from the drop down to create below properties on the mid server
    • mid.probe.event.queue.compress - value: false  
    • mid.probe.event.bulk_size - value: 100 
    • mid.probe.event.endpoint.url - value: em_event.do?JSONv2%26sysparm_action=insertMultiple

For additional information on the APIs, see the product documentation topic Event collection to the instance via web service API 

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Last Updated:2018-01-10 11:16:58