Homepage dashboards with "Interactive Filters" could fail when loading if property is set


ServiceNow is very flexible and allows you to control the REST API access with a sys_properties record named It also allows you to disable ServiceNow-defined REST APIs by names. For example, if you set to "Table API,Scorecards API,Import Set API,Identification and Reconciliation API,Attachment API,Aggregate API," those REST API become unavailable.


The following symptoms occur:

  • Dashboard 'Interactive Filters' fails to load the pages

    Loading failed


  • Table API, Aggregate API, Import Set API, or Attachment API are not on the available list on the REST API Explorer

    REST API explorer

  • Many drop-down menus show a 'Loading failed' message

  • Javascript debug on the browser shows "400 (Bad request)" on some calls

    Javascript error

  • REST API commands result on a message:

    Requested URI does not represent any resource: /now/v2/<api>/<table>




Several modules use REST API to retrieve information from the instance. When the REST API become unavailable, features that depend on those REST APIs start failing.

  1. Navigate to the sys_properties form.
  2. Set the value of to (empty).
Note: Setting could cause some features that depends on REST API to start failing.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:18:59