Service Portal - when processing record producer, attachments aren't yet available to Business Rules on insert of the target record

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Import attached sys_script record - it is a Business Rule that, after insert of an Incident, creates an Incident Task and copies the Incident's attachments to it.
  2. In normal catalog UI, order Create a New Incident record producer with an attachment
    See that an incident_task record was created with a copy of the attachment
  3. In Service Portal, order the same record producer w/ an attachment
    see that the incident_task does not have a copy of the attachment

Using an after Insert business rule, the system updates sys_attachment.table_name to sp_portal when the record is submitted from Service Portal.



Use an async business rule for insert operation, instead of after business rule to get the attachments copied over correctly. 

Related Problem: PRB942391

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 8

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