When user is in Italian or German locale, the Approval Summarizer for Service Catalog Requests [sysapproval_approver] shows incorrect total (multiplying total by 100) when the user is in the Italian or German locale.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the plugin for the Italian or German language.
  2. Create user with the Italian or German language profile and country code.
  3. Log in as the created user.
  4. Open an approval record for a Service Catalog Requests= [sysapproval_approver] over 1,000 USD.

    Instead of showing either 1,000 USD or EUR 963,18, the Approval Summarizer shows either 100,000 or EUR 96.318,00.


  1. Open the UI Macro approval_summarizer_sc_request: https://<instance name>service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=sys_ui_macro.do?sys_id=fc60bba60a0a0b2400a6f5e5f3c816f7
  2. Change line 50:

    <g:currency_format value="${jvar_total}" />


    <g:currency_format value="${sc_request.price.getDisplayValue()}"/>

    3. Save.

Related Problem: PRB1083463

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 6
Istanbul Patch 6a

Fixed In


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