How to check the size of a file downloading

General Information

When using the export feature to export a file it can take some time to download depending on the size of the file. Whenever using any of the options within export the file is saved within the sys_attachment table



  1. Navigate to the file to download. In this instance, all active users are exported to XML

Export to XML example

2. If navigating to the browser's downloads, determine the name of the file

File Fownloaded

3. Whilst the file is downloading, the session is locked so it is not possible to navigate to another area of the application. Open a new browser and login to the instance of login to the instance again using the browser's incognito mode

How to open google chrome in incognito mode 

4. Navigate to the sys_attachment table, provided appropriate roles/security rights are available to access the table, and search for the attachment

To perform this task, enter sys_attachment.list in the filter of the instance

filter example 

5. Search for the attachment using the filter:

In the example, the following filter options were used:

-> created on today

-> file name = the name fo the file i dowloaded (see step2)

-> created by = my user ID


attachment information 

 The attachment table contains a field named Size in bytes which contains the size of the attachment you downloaded in bytes 

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