Issue Summary

Looking to revert the PPM module back to OOB settings


Most Probable Cause

Customized Project Management Application


Solution Proposed

Although there is no reset button, you can revert the PPM module back to OOB settings manually. One of the tricks that others have done when trying to reset an application to OOB is as follows:

     1. Re-activate/re-enable the plugin, make note of the plugin ID.
     2. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History.
     3. Open the record where the To field matches the plugin ID.
     4. In the Upgrade Details related list, search for records where the Disposition is Skipped.
     5. Review each record and use the Revert to Base System UI Action.
Another possibility is to go to the sys_update_xml table, remove anything that has been updated by you or your team, remove these records, and reactivate the plugin.



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Last Updated:2018-11-27 09:21:01