On certain map topologies, business service map fails to load with error: Cannot display the map: Found link with invalid source/target.

The problem introduced on Service Mapping Business Service maps in Jakarta release and was fixed in Jakarta patch6 and Kingston patch1.

This workaround can be applied to see the failed maps on versions where problem reproduces.

Steps to Reproduce

Open business service map from Service Mapping > Business Services > View map.

No map displayed. Error notification appears telling:

Cannot display the map: Found link with invalid source/target


  1. Apply the provided update set sys_remote_update_set_6878abc0c372030081101962c1d3ae9e.xml
  2. In Retrieved Update Sets, use the link Import Update Set from XML to upload the provided file.
  3. Enter the imported update set and click Preview Update Set.
  4. After successful preview, click Commit Update Set.
  5. When applying the update set, each time when entering map screen and the problem appears:
    • Right click on empty space of the map and click new option Show map.
    • The map should appear.
    • The map appears until refreshing browser tab or entering another map or page.

To disable this workaround, the menu can be disabled:

  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Map Menu Actions.
  2. On Show Map line, change Active field to false.

Related Problem: PRB1235886

Seen In

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 6
Kingston Patch 1

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