Changing date on a date field filter changes the time back to 12:00:00 in the new reporting UI and List v3. This does not occur using List v2.


Steps to Reproduce


1) Navigate to the new reports UI using List v3.

2) Create a new report as follows:
Report name: test
Table: incident

3) In the filter select 'open at' or 'after' and select a date.

4) Amend the time to display at 13:00:00.

5) Click to set a different date and observe the time reverts back to 12:00:00.


This problem is fixed in Madrid. Additionally, List v3 is now deprecated and no longer supported. We advise using List v2 and not activating the List v3 plugin.

If an upgrade is not possible yet, for the correct time format on Report Builder, switch to the Classic UI, where the issue does not exist.

Administrators can control which UI (New or Classic) will be presented to users by going to Users Preferences (sys_user_preference.list) and create a new preference with the parameters shown bellow:

Type: String
Name: reporting_new_report_designer
System: true
Value: false

Users can change this system preference by switching to New UI and creating their own personal preference.

Before London, administrators can also edit the system property "" and set it to 'false'. This way the New UI is disabled and users are always presented with the Classic UI.

As of London, the system property "" has no effect, but the user preference workaround is still valid.

Related Problem: PRB1160513

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Kingston Patch 6

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