On the IDP record, "Generate Metadata" shows empty information if Signing/Encryption Key Alias or password are empty and sign AuthnRequest is checked and "Test Connection" might load another page in the popup


Steps to Reproduce


  1. On Multi SSO, open an IdP record
    2. Set  "Sign AuthnRequest" true (checked)
    3. Make sure the Signing/Encryption Key Alias and/or password are empty

    Click "Generate Metadata"
    You will notice the metadata is EMPTY. You would expect some data or show a message clearly specify in the logs that the "Signing/Encryption Key Alias/password" is missing or incorrect.
    Click "Test Connection"
    You might notice another window opens in the popup.


If you are required to sign AuthnRequest, please set the Signing/Encryption Key Alias and password to the correct values. Also ensure the sys_properties glide.authenticate.sso.saml2.keystore is pointing to the relevant java keystore.

Related Problem: PRB615923

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