g_form.isEditableField() returns false for journal/journal_input fields on existing record forms.

Steps to Reproduce


Using the Browser Console:

  1. Navigate to Incident > Create New.

  2. Confirm that the Additional Comments field is on the form.

  3. Open the browser console, set the frame to gsft_main, and enter the following command:

    g_form.isEditableField(g_form.getGlideUIElement("comments"), g_form.getControl("comments"))

    Note that it correctly returns true.

  4. Save the record, (save/submit and return to the saved record's form).

  5. Confirm that the browser console's frame is set to gsft_main again and run the command again.

    Note that it incorrectly returns false.

Using ATF:

  1. Create a new test case.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Test cases.

  2. Add test steps.

    1. Impersonate any ITIL User.
    2. Open an existing record, select any record [ state = Requested and table = sysapproval_approver ].
    3. Set the form View to "ess" for Self-Service view where Additional Comments appears.
    4. Set Field Values and choose "Comments" , value = Reject.
  3. Save the test case.

  4. Run this test case.

    Note that the result is a FAILURE test result with message "FAILURE: Unable to set field 'comments' to value '"Comments"'. Field 'comments' is not editable. Note that this is also applicable to JOURNAL_INPUT type fields on sysapproval_approver as well as the Incident table.




Run the following script in an onLoad client script:

(function() {
//Hide the non metadata driven Additional comments and Work notes fields
// Added by  the Activities (Filtered) formatter
// Show the OOB metadata driven Additional comments and Work notes
// Hidden by the Activities (Filtered) formatter onLoad

Related Problem: PRB752835

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Istanbul Patch 0 Hot Fix 1

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