The User Preference .stream_input leveraged for maintaining a user's Comment/Work Note default preference is causing unexpected visibility issues. If the user navigates to a form view, for example, Self Service, which does not contain their current preference value, for example, work note, the alternative field no longer displays. However, the Post button remains visible.

Succinct description of what is breaking and the conditions:

  • Additional Comments and Work Notes fields are impacted.
  • User must have a [sys_user_preference] for the .stream_input of the form's table.
  • The form is broken in the condition that the comments/work note field opposite the user's preference is not on the form.

The user cannot post journal input as previously/expected. This impacts mostly ITIL users.


  • User navigates to a form and expects to be able to enter comments or work notes
  • The input field is missing
  • There is a post button still on the form

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Access a Jakarta instance
  2. Impersonate an ITIL user
  3. Navigate to a New or Work in Progress incident and ensure you are in Default View. The important thing to note here is that the OOB Default View is configured to have both additional comments and work notes fields within the Notes Section.
  4. Switch your view to Self Service View. It is important to note here that the OOB Self Service View only has additional comments. Work notes is not configured to be on the form.
  5. Switch back to Default View and post a comment. Then select Update.
  6. Return to the record and post a work note, then select Update.
  7. Repeat step 5. This ensures, if it did not yet exist, that a [sys_user_preference] for your user Luke Wilson named glide.ui.incident.stream_input has been created and contains the value work_notes.
  8. Switch to the Self Service View. Note the comments field is no longer visible, yet you can see the Post button. It is expected you can still see/post comments, but just because your preference is work notes, the field is no longer visible. This is a new behavior according to tests and customer reports.

    Test with at least 2 ITIL users, or at least verify they do not already have the preference when beginning your steps. It is automatically created/saved during these steps. You could also choose to delete the preference if it already exists on the instance.


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