Multiline read-only text fields do not automatically expand.

  • In Chrome/ Firefox, resize option exists, so user can resize the field.
  • In IE11, resize option doesn't exist, and the fields do not automatically expand. This makes the field to appear only in 3 lines, and user has to scroll down/up to read the content.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login as administrator
  2. Add the Description field on an Incident form.
  3. Open a closed incident record.
  4. Fill with a very long text in the Description field.
  5. Impersonate its "Assigned to" user.
  6. Open that incident from both IE11 and Chrome.

    Notice the resize option to the field exists in Chrome and Firefox.
    Notice the resize option does not exist in IE11. Only three lines are displayed in description, and the user has to scroll up/down to read that text.


This problem is under investigation and targeted to be fixed in the London release.

The Client Script below can be created as a workaround:

Table: Task 
Inherited: True 

function onLoad() {
try {
if (typeof g_form != 'undefined') {
// if Tabbed Forms is activated, deactivate tabs first to make sure ...
// ... that the style will apply to all the disabled textarea fields
var isTabsActivated = g_tabs2Sections.isActivated();
if (isTabsActivated) {
$j("textarea.disabled").each(function () { = (this.scrollHeight+10)+'px';
// activate Tabbed Forms again after applying the style
if (isTabsActivated) {
} catch(err) {

Related Problem: PRB1188317

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 3

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 6

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