From Jakarta, if the 'Explicit Roles' plugin is installed,  ODBC connection from users with snc_external is not allowed.

Testing using the Interactive SQL (iSQL), it returns a 403 forbidden error.

The same user can login directly using the browser and access the tables without problems. SOAP calls will also work.

404 error

Steps to Reproduce

  1. On a Jakarta instance create a user called 'odbc_user'.
  2. Grant the user the 'odbc' role. This will include 'soap_query' and 'itil' roles.
  3. Now activate the 'Explicit Roles' plugin.
  4. Go back to the user and remove the 'snc_internal' role and grant the 'snc_external' role.
  5. Now setup an ODBC connection to ServiceNow.
  6. Using ISQL, try to connect with the odbc user from item 2 above.

    A 403 Forbidden error is returned


This problem is under investigation. As a workaround, give the user the 'snc_internal' role. Alternatively, disable the 'explicit role' feature.


Related Problem: PRB1237871

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