When drill down view is specified in the Pivot report, clicking on the link in the pivot table does not open the record with the specified view.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Report > Create New
  2. Create  a report of Type Pivot from the incident table
  3. Select Active field on Rows and Assigned to on columns
    2. Click on the cog wheel next to Type field, which opens up a box Style your chart
  4. Select a view e.g. portal and Close
    3. Run the report
    4. Click on any of the links from the pivot report

Note that the data displayed in the subsequent page does not show the specified view

Looking at the URL , it can be seen that the parameter sysparm_view does not have the view name assigned to it. Setting the value for the parameter sysparm_view=portal shows the results in the correct view

Expected Result: The data is displayed in the subsequent page in the specified view.


Instead of using the pivot, use the Multipivot widget. The new multipivot widget is faster, prettier, has more features and is less buggy then the very old pivot widget. This issue does not occur on the multipivot.

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