ServiceNow Mobile Version - Android v4.0.1

The ServiceNow Mobile Version Android v4.0.1 release provides fixes for the ServiceNow mobile application.


Download the latest version

To download the ServiceNow Mobile Version Android v4.0.1 release, visit the Google Play store.


Fixed problems

ProblemShort descriptionDescription Steps to reproduce
 PRB1241118App can crash when migrating the instance IDThe instance ID is getting set to null. 
PRB1242227Theming issue on native applications
If users use capital letters for colors on the theme page, the app defaults the color to black. 
PRB1241470  Activity stream is broken when it contains an email entryIf the activity stream has an email entry, it is unable to load any items in the activity stream. This only affects Android version 4.0.0.  
PRB1240922Helsinki Connect home screen widget is not available on Android tablets and possibly some models of Android phonesThe Connect home screen widget is not displayed beside the Location home screen widget as expected. 
PRB1239865Module's title is not visible in the mobile home page when using the layout 'Regular' on Android devices  
  1. Navigate to System Mobile UI > Home Screen > Home Page Sections.
  2. Click Default Applications.
  3. Under Modules related list, click New.
    Title: test
    Module: My Incidents
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Change the Module Style to 'Regular'.
  6. Save.
  7. Log into the instance using the ServiceNow for Android Mobile App v 4.0.0.
    Note the title of the Module 'test' is not visible.
  8. Change the Module style to 'Compact' under 'Default Applications'.
    The title is now visible.
PRB1241061SNX crashes with the "Unable to open database" exception  
PRB1239798Android App can crash when a provided URL does not end with a '/' The app crashes instead of indicating the URL is invalid. 


Fixes included with Android v4.0.1






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