Easy import is a simplified import process that removes the need to use a transform map by providing a template that contains only the columns you want to import. Only administrator can use easy import from any list. You can import data to tables within the current scope and tables that grant write access to other applications. However, it does not support tables containing 'Document ID' types.

 Document ID types

Here are a list of common tables with 'Document ID' fields defined, for which Easy import will not work:

ar_sys_email, asmt_assessable_record, asmt_assessment_instance, asmt_assessment_instance_question, asmt_category_result, asmt_metric_result, asmt_nps_result, cert_audit_result, chat_queue_entry, checklist, cmn_context_help, content_block_detail, content_page, cxs_rel_doc_detail, cxs_relevant_doc, diagnostics_history, diagnostics_result, draft_document, duplicate_audit_result, fm_expense_line, fx_currency_instance, fx_price, kb_category, kb_social_qa_comment, kb_social_qa_vote, live_favorite, live_group_profile, live_link, live_notification, live_profile, metric_instance, pdf_draft, pwd_reset_activity, sc_cart, sc_item_produced_record, sc_script_order_guide_failure, signature_image, sn_bm_client_company_history, sn_bm_client_document, sn_bm_client_score, sp_log, stage_state, sys_archive_destroy_log, sys_archive_log, sys_backout_problem, sys_data_policy2, sys_email, sys_execution_tracker, sys_filter_option_dynamic, sys_geocoding_request, sys_history_set, sys_import_set_row, sys_import_set_row_error, sys_metadata_delete_reference, sys_notif_subscription, sys_object_source, sys_outbound_http_log_level, sys_package_dependency_item, sys_rollback_incremental, sys_rollback_sequence, sys_script_pattern, sys_service_app_log, sys_translated_text, sys_ui_mobile_visualization, sys_ui_policy, sys_update_log, sys_update_version, sys_upgrade_blame, sys_variable_value, sys_watermark, sysapproval_approver, syslog_app_scope, ts_document, wf_context, wf_workflow_binding

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use easy import on a table containing 'Document ID' data types (for example, kb_category, fm_expense_line).
  2. Create an "Update" template.
  3. Download the file.
  4. Make a small change.
  5. Choose that file to upload for update.
    Note that the import fails with an error:
SEVERE *** ERROR *** Table name cannot be null
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Table name cannot be null
at com.glide.db.TableDescriptor.<init>(
at com.glide.db.TableDescriptor.get(
at com.glide.template_import.ReferenceCellValidator.notify(
at com.glide.template_import.XLSXObservableNilLoader.notify(
at com.glide.template_import.XLSXObservableNilLoader.loadRecord(
at com.glide.db.impex.AbstractLoader.loadRecords(


The solution is to use data sources to import the exported data instead of the easy import. This feature supports document ID fields.

Alternatively, you could ignore these fields by adding 'document_id' to the sys_property record glide.import_template.field_types_to_ignore. This enables Easy Import to ignore that type (columns of that type) and lets the rest of the columns import correctly.




Related Problem: PRB1205809

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