In on-call scheduling, users might not be able to schedule time off for themselves or others. A red banner without text is displayed on the form.

Release or Environment

All releases.


An invalid Schedule record is referenced in the User record.


This behaviour might be due to an invalid reference to a Schedule record that does not exist in the instance.

From the sys_user record, add the 'Schedule' field to the form, the field would display as blank. However, viewing the XML for the sys_user record, the 'shedule' field might look like this: 

<schedule display_value="">52f2b95c6fed4700188909c54b3ee4ce</schedule> 

A search for this record in the cmn_schedule table would show that this record does not exist.

This explains the warning message. The record might have been deleted at some point or it was not moved across from another instance, while the user record is still referencing this record. I

Updating this field to point to an existing cmn_schedule record would solve the issue.

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Last Updated:2020-09-06 16:24:24