When the Report Security Plugin is activated, a user with no roles is not able to access the Reports page in our ESS portal or view reports shared with them

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to an instance and make sure the com.glideapp.report_security plugin is not activated
    • To check, navigate to System Definition > Plugins and search for the plugin and make sure the status is set to Inactive
  2. Login as a user Joe Employee, log into instance that doesn't have the com.glideapp.report_security plugin activated, and navigate to
    • You can access the page
  3. Activate the com.glideapp.report_security plugin, to activate plugin refer Activate a Plugin and try to access as Joe Employee again
    • You see the message Insufficient permission to access reports



The functionality is working as expected and designed and is not a product defect, the plugin appropriately prevents users from seeing reports when they have no roles and the security is built into the system.

 For users to be able to access reports, give them the appropriate roles or a dummy role, for example, user. While this is available for customer use, it has no function in the base system.

Related Problem: PRB606404

Seen In

Dublin EA 8
Dublin EA 9

Intended Fix Version


Fixed In

Kingston Patch 8
London Patch 1

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