Accessing the results of a public report from type list causes the default record from the sys_ui_list table to be deleted. Any task list layout previously configured by the administrator is lost.

The global sys_ui_list record for the task table (incident, change_request, etc.) gets deleted, making possible for non-admin users to configure an incident (or change request, task, problem, etc.) list layout for all users.

Once the global sys_ui_list record is deleted, the first user accessing the list will create a global record in the sys_ui_list table, with a Default View value, and empty User and Parent values.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Clear the instance cache

  2. Type sys_ui_list_list.do in the Filter Navigation and confirm there is a list for the incident table:

  3. Navigate to Reports > View/Run > Create a Report
  4. Create a public report from the incident table with type List

  5. Click on Save and expand the drop down next to Save

  6. Click Publish and Copy Public URL

  7. Open an incognito window outside of your active sessions to view the URL copied in previous step

  8. Refresh the task list from step 2 and notice the list is no longer there.


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Related Problem: PRB1204046

Seen In

Fuji Patch 4 Hot Fix 4
Fuji Patch 6
Istanbul Patch 9
Jakarta Patch 3
SR - IRM - Audit Management - New York 2019 Q3
SR - IRM - GRC Profiles - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - IRM - GRC Workbench - New York 2019 Q3
SR - IRM - Policy and Compliance - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - IRM - Risk Management - New York 2019 Q3
SR - ITOM - CMDB CI Class Models - 201909
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - 201908
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - v1.0.35

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 6
Kingston Patch 7
London Patch 10
Madrid Patch 7
New York

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