Customers are able to create multiple Global sys_scope records which causes issues on the instance.
For example, in case there are more than one sys_scope records with scope and ID global (/^source=global) there may be Update Sets created in either of these scopes. In this case the Update Set picker on UI16 does not work correctly and it is not be possible to select In Progress Update Sets from the duplicate scope(s).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to the list of sys_scope records > sys_scope.list on Application Filter
  2. Search for the OOTB Global application [ sys_scope with sys_id = 'global' ] and open the record
  3. Right click in the form header and select to Insert & Stay
  4. List again all sys_scope records with name Global
  5. There will be two records with Name = Global however only one is valid, the one with sys_id = 'global'
Customer instance has two Global application scopes on their instance and can cause different issues.


Switching to UI15 allows the Update Set picker to select In Progress Update Sets from the duplicate Global scope(s).

Related Problem: PRB1191307

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