Email notification for the Performance Analytics dashboard sharing cannot be turned off or customized.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards
  2. Select any dashboard
  3. Click on Sharing icon
  4. Click on Users
  5. Type a user name. For example, David Dan
  6. Click on Invite
  7. Go to System Logs > Emails and look for the email with subject dashboard has been shared with you

    Email notification is not defined anywhere in the system so the user can neither turn it off not customize it.


This problem will be fixed in a future release. Please subscribe to this article for further updates.

As the email notification is hardcoded, it cannot be disabled. As a workaround, create a new Business Rule on the [sys_email] table, in order to ignore the required notification.

An example is provided below to disable all the Dashboard sharing event notifications (default English version):

  • Name: Ignored by BR PRB1185068-ignore-dashboard share
  • Table: sys_email
  • When to run: On insert
  • Condition: type=send-ready^subjectLIKEdashboard has been shared^headersLIKEX-ServiceNow-Source:EmailOutbound^EQ
  • Actions: Set type=send-ignored, and set 'Error string' to 'Ignored by BR PRB1185068-ignore-dashboard share"

Please adjust it to meet your business requirements.

In case your instance uses a different language than English, the email subject will not contain the text "dashboard has been shared", but its translated text, so this example version of the business rule will not apply, and will fail to intercept those emails.

The new Business Rule will need to be fully tested it on your development instance before making changes on production.


 Example business rule

Related Problem: PRB1185068

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 8
Jakarta Patch 3

Fixed In


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