A rotation makes use of multiple schedules to derive the shift for a particular member of a roster. When updating the rotation’s schedule directly, the shift is altered however, the schedule associated with each member of a roster is not automatically adjusted. 

For example, a rotation that is 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday results in member rotation schedules that commence at 8AM, this is denoted by the Rotation start time on the Roster record(s) for the rotation.

If the start time of the rotation needs to be changed, it is necessary to update the Rota’s schedule as well as the Rotation start time on each Roster record for the Rota. In the case of the 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday rotation, applying a change to the Rota schedule so that it starts at 6AM requires the corresponding Roster records to also be updated, by setting the Rotation start time to 6AM.

Steps to Reproduce

Here is a video reproducing the issue and an explanation of what the issue is:

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It is also attached to the PRB. 


Using a rotation that spans 8AM - 5PM Monday to Friday as an example, changing the rotation start time to 7AM requires the following changes to be performed:

  1. From the on-call calendar, select the group that you are interested in
  2. Right-click the rota-span, not the member span, and from the list of actions select Edit span
  3. Modify the start time of the Span to 07:00:00 and save the record
  4. After reloading the calendar, note that the start time has changed to 7AM. However, at the beginning of the rotation cycle, in this case every week on Monday, you will notice that for the first hour of the span another member is on-call as opposed to the remainder of the week
  5. Now, from the calendar, right-click the rota-span, not the member-span, and from the list of action select Edit Rota
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the form, to the Roster related list and for each Roster complete the following steps
    1. Open the Roster form
    2. Set the Rotation start time field to 07:00:00, which is the same as the Rota schedule start time
    3. Save the record
  7. After completing those steps for each Roster, reload the calendar and note that the single hour handover is no longer the case, there should be a single member on-call for the duration of the 7AM - 5PM shift

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