When trying to paste text in an HTML field, the "Paste Formatting Options" dialog  window is displayed maximized in full-screen if the browser window height is set smaller than 900 pixels, instead of just showing sized in the middle of the screen.


Steps to Reproduce

1) Set the browser window height to less than 900 pixels.
2) Do not maximize the browser window.
3) Create a new knowledge article.
4) Copy a a text from a text editor.
5) Paste it to the "Text" html field.

Notice the "Paste Formatting Options" dialog window is displayed in full screen:

1) Open any incident form.
2) Click on "..." from the form header.
3) Click email to open a new window to draft an email.
4) Copy a text from somewhere and paste it in the body of the email.
5) The "Paste Formatting Options" popup appears to choose to keep or remove formatting.
6) With the popup active, resize the email window.

Notice the popup does not show in the middle of the screen and may occupy the whole screen.



This behaviour is due to the PowerPaste plugin for TinyMCE in Jakarta, and has been identified as a future product enhancement. As a workaround in all current versions, please set the browser height to 900 pixels, this will display the normal "Paste Formatting Options" popup window.


Related Problem: PRB1164142

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