The global search functionality that was redone in Jakarta does not account for the ts.show_empty_groups user preference that is supposed to not show groups that had no matches in the search results page.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. In a Jakarta instance, navigate to User Administration > User Preferences.

  2. Add a new record with the following values:

    • Name: ts.show_empty_groups
    • Type: string
    • Value: false
    • User: ITIL User
  3. Impersonate ITIL User.

  4. Do a global search for a term that will not have values in some of the search groups (for example, "superman").

    Note that empty groups are still returned. In previous releases when this preference was set to false, empty groups would not be listed.




As admin, create the glide.ui.use_legacy_global_search system property (type true/false) and set its value to true. This will revert to the previous global text search behavior and honor the preference.

Related Problem: PRB1235472

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Kingston Patch 9

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