When the tree picker format is used for the list of records on the referenced table, after users click the reference lookup icon on a Service Catalog reference variable, the reference qualifier is not applied in some situations.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to the Service Catalog module and create a new catalog item.
  2. Create a reference field variable with attribute set as tree_picker=true in default value column.
    For example, the table is referring to cmn_location.
  3. Make sure that variable has a reference qualifier condition as a simple one. For example, [Condition] [is] [Where City] [is one of] [Baltimore, Seattle].
  4. Save the catalog item and click Try it.

Expected behavior: The list should respect the condition defined under the reference qualifier variable (e.g., Baltimore and Seattle).

Actual behavior: The list of records only respects the defined table - it does not honor the condition defined when users set the tree_picker attribute as true. For example, when users type 'San Diego' (which is not part of the defined condition) and click on the reference icon, it displays the list of records belonging to San Diego.


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Related Problem: PRB942734

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 5

Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 5 Hot Fix 4
Istanbul Patch 9
Jakarta Patch 3

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