When using the back arrow UI element in the Service Catalog after clicking Try It, the button respects only Service Catalog history and not general history. This can cause unexpected results when arriving to a Service Catalog page from outside the Service Catalog and trying to go back.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.

  2. Open any item and click Try it.

  3. Use the Back button in the upper left.

    Instead of returning to the form, the display usually goes back to the homepage (although sometimes it goes to other pages.)



When you click Try It in the Service Catalog app, it initiates an admin flow that goes from configuration flow to an app flow to test the configuration. The Back button in the app will continue to behave in the app flow and continue the back until the last page in the app. It will then navigate to the homepage because that is the starting page for the app.

Related Problem: PRB1211408

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