When running Azure discovery from Cloud Management JP5, the discovery process may get stuck at the list node method call. The sensor is not able to handle certain formats of data returned from the data center discovery and throws an error exception in the logs.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Activate Cloud Management application.
2. Create an Azure account with proper credentials.
3. Run Azure discovery.

Note that the list nodes stuck at processing. See the attached log file for the errors.



If you are able to upgrade, upgrade to the versions listed in the Fixed In field.

If you are unable to upgrade, replace the contents of the azure-compute-1.0-ListNodes MID Server script include with the following script. Clean up the sn_cmp_order.list and discovery_status.list tables to stop the discovery process.

function getResourceInfo() { 
var acvm = new AzureComputeVirtualMachine(this.parameters, this.headers); 
var items = acvm.listResourcesByRegionOrIDs(); 
var ret = JSON.stringify(items); 
ret = ret.replace(/%/g,""); 
return ret; 



Related Problem: PRB1235890

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 6
Kingston Patch 1

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