Creating a new project from project template functionality not working 

Issue Summary

From the project form Project > Projects> Create New, you can create a project using the To create project from a template click here link at the top of the form or from the project_template form Project> Projects> Template using the Create Project Related link. 
On the Create Project from template page, provide information for the mandatory fields: Project name, Start date, and Project template. After filling out the fields, the Project record should be created with the associated template values.
After filling out the fields, the project is not created and the UI Macro Dialog window is loaded full screen.
*When tailing the logs you might see an error pointing to the create_project UI Page: 
Caused by error in sys_ui_page.07009e91c3222100b0449f2974d3aeb6.processing_script at line 7" and the UI Page will not be modified.
Most Probable Cause

Custom Attributes in the pm_project state Dictionary Override.  

Solution Proposed

  1. Navigate to the sys_dictionary record of the State field on the Task table:

  2. In the Dictionary Overrides section/tab, search for planned_task and open that record:

  3. Verify the attributes. Out of box, the attributes are: close_states=3;4;7,default_close_state=3,default_work_state=2,default_open_state=1,default_skipped_state=7,default_pending_state=-5,pending_states=-5,open_states=1,work_in_progress_states=2

  4. Revise the attributes and correct the customization to be compliant with the description in the documentation topic: Customize a state for project or project task or revert to the base system (OOB) attributes.

  5. Save record and clear the cache.

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